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Troy Criminal Law Attorney

If you are confronted with serious criminal charges, the last thing to do is face the power of the State without legal representation. Your freedom is at stake. The State controls the system to its advantage and not yours when prosecuting cases. Their goal is getting a conviction, not a search for truth. Many prosecutors tout their effectiveness by the number of convictions they obtain. Notice the lack of the word, justice. Convictions do not necessarily mean justice.

A good criminal defense lawyer will convert the process to a search for truth and the protection of your Constitutional rights. So, what do you look for in a criminal defense lawyer?

First and foremost, you need a lawyer who the State knows will take your case to a jury trial if that is what is necessary, and do so effectively. A jury is a defendant’s insulation from abuse of the system. You want a lawyer who has significant experience trying cases to a jury. At Beitzel Law Office you will be retaining a lawyer who over 39 years of trial practice has tried over 100 jury cases to verdict. That is over and above the thousands of case that have been resolved to a defendant’s optimum advantage short of trial, when that is what is best for the defendant.

If you are charged with any of these crimes, you need Beitzel Law Office on your side:

Assault, menacing, stalking

Sex crimes

Theft offenses

Gun violations

Drug offenses

Arson or criminal damaging

Forgery or fraud


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